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Nobel Prize for Peace

areppim column chart and statistics of Nobel prize winners for peace, both individual persons and peace promoting organizations, indicating the names, nationality or location of headquarters, and affiliation where applicable, from 1901 to 2018.


The Nobel prize for peace was inaugurated with the award to Henry Dunant, the Swiss who designed and created the Red Cross, after having witnessed and described in his report "A Memory of Solferino" the horrid extent of the life losses and human sufferings in the one-day battle of 24 June 1859 during the Austrian-French war. Dunant's initiative truly contributed henceforth to save many lives and to alleviate the pains caused by war and violence against individuals all over the world. However, the list of his successors raises deep concerns about the committee's drives and motivations, as it includes less deserving, and sometimes less than commendable, individuals and institutions.

Two recent instances are revealing of the bedlam prevailing within the Nobel committee. US President Obama was awarded the Nobel peace prize in 2009, just as he was taking office, before being able to inaugurate any executive motion in favor of peace. In fact, he was already concocting bellicose initiatives that would soon turn into the Afghanistan escalation, the worldwide targeted assassination program, or the military interventions in Libya, Yemen, Somalia or Syria — to cut a long story short, he was already planning the extension of both open and covert war to the most remote places on earth, no borders, no sanctuaries barred.

Then, in 2012, the European Union was laureated at the very moment when the organization's non-elected bureaucrats were driving poverty, economic havoc and social chaos throughout Europe. Alas, EU's black record is not limited to the social and economic fields, it also extends to warfare. EU is by and large held accountable for the barbaric, blood chilling wars in the Balkans in the 1990s, the 2008 Georgia's South Ossetia war, and the on-going civil and international war in Ukraine. Non content with bringing war back in-house or to the close borders of western Europe, the EU engaged in a diplomacy of intimate collusion with NATO, with a view to further United States' and EU's interests in eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East and Central Asia, of which the military interventions in Libya, Mali, or Syria are damning examples

The 2016 Nobel for peace awarded to Colombia's President Santos, may stem from good intentions — it is supposed to honor the effort to achieve peace with the Colombian FARC rebels. It resulted however in another botched initiative. For starters, if the prize was aimed at recognizing the peace deal, as explicitly mentioned, why did the Nobel people forget the other party at the negotiation talks — it takes two to strike a deal, doesn't it? Then, just as the announcement was being made, Colombians rejected the peace accord in a referendum, thus exposing the Nobel committee's inability to really understand what is going on.

In many instances, the Nobel prize for peace looks like a pathetic attempt to play West-serving diplomatic games and to model public opinion, rather than a candid acknowledgment and recognition of genuinely dedicated peace-promoting work. But, after all, this is consistent with the Nobel narrative. Alfred Nobel himself has been greeted as someone "who became rich by finding ways to kill more people faster than ever before", as said in his erroneous obituary published in 1888.

Nobel Prize for Peace

1901 - 2018

Headquarters Location
Second CitizenshipBorn
RemarksAffiliation at the time of the award
2018DenisMukwegeMaleCongo, Democratic Republic1955Panzi Hospital in Bukavu
2018NadiaMuradFemaleIraq1993Nadia's Initiative
2017International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)InstitutionSwitzerland2007
2016Juan ManuelSantos CalderónMaleColombia1951President, Colombia
2015National Dialogue QuartetInstitutionTunisia2013
2013Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical WeaponsInstitutionNetherlands1997
2012European Union (EU)InstitutionBelgium1957 (Treaty of Rome)
2011Ellen JohnsonSirleafFemaleLiberia1938
2009Barack Obama MaleUnited States1961
2008MarttiAhtisaari MaleFinland1937
2007Albert Arnold (Al)Gore Jr. MaleUnited States1948
2007Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) InstitutionSwitzerland1988WMO
2006Grameen BankInstitutionBangladesh1976
2005International Atomic Energy AgencyInstitutionAustria1957
2002JimmyCarterMaleUnited States1924
2001United NationsInstitutionUnited States1945
2000KimDae-jungMaleSouth Korea1925
1999Médecins Sans FrontièresInstitutionBelgium1971
1998JohnHumeMaleUnited Kingdom1937
1998DavidTrimbleMaleUnited Kingdom1944
1997JodyWilliamsFemaleUnited States1950
1997International Campaign to Ban LandminesInstitutionUnited States1992
1996Carlos Filipe XimenesBeloMaleTimor Leste1948
1996JoséRamos-HortaMaleTimor Leste1949
1995JosephRotblatMaleUnited Kingdom1908
1995Pugwash Conferences on Science and World AffairsInstitutionCanada1957
1994YasserArafatMalePalestinian Territory, Occupied 1929
1994YitzhakRabinMaleIsrael1922 KlerkMaleSouth Africa1936
1993NelsonMandelaMaleSouth Africa1918
1992Rigoberta MenchúTumFemaleGuatemala1959
1991Aung San SuuKyiFemaleMyanmar1945
1990MikhailGorbachevMaleSoviet Union1931
1989The 14th Dalai LamaMaleChina1935
1988United Nations Peacekeeping ForcesInstitutionUnited States1948
1987Oscar AriasSánchezMaleCosta Rica1941
1986ElieWieselMaleUnited States1928
1985International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear WarInstitutionUnited States1980
1984DesmondTutuMaleSouth Africa1931
1982Alfonso GarcíaRoblesMaleMexico1911
1981Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesInstitutionSwitzerland1951
1980Adolfo PérezEsquivelMaleArgentina1931
1979Mother TeresaFemaleIndia1910
1977Amnesty InternationalInstitutionUnited Kingdom1961
1976MaireadCorriganFemaleUnited Kingdom1944
1976BettyWilliamsFemaleUnited Kingdom1943
1975AndreiSakharovMaleSoviet Union1921
1973HenryKissingerMaleUnited States1923
1973Le DucThoMaleViet Nam1910Declined the prize
1970NormanBorlaugMaleUnited States1914
1969International Labour OrganizationInstitutionSwitzerland1919
1965United Nations Children's FundInstitutionUnited States1946
1964Martin LutherKingMaleUnited States1929
1963International Committee of the Red CrossInstitutionSwitzerland1863
1963League of Red Cross SocietiesInstitutionSwitzerland1863
1962LinusPaulingMaleUnited States1901California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
1960AlbertLutuliMaleSouth Africa1898
1959PhilipNoel-BakerMaleUnited Kingdom1889
1957Lester BowlesPearsonMaleCanada1897
1954Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesInstitutionSwitzerland1951
1953George C.MarshallMaleUnited States1880
1950RalphBuncheMaleUnited States1904Harvard University
1949Lord BoydOrrMaleUnited Kingdom1880
1947Friends Service CouncilInstitutionUnited Kingdom1647
1947American Friends Service CommitteeInstitutionUnited States1672
1946Emily GreeneBalchFemaleUnited States1867
1946John R.MottMaleUnited States1865
1945CordellHullMaleUnited States1871
1944International Committee of the Red CrossInstitutionSwitzerland1863
1938Nansen International Office for RefugeesInstitutionSwitzerland1921
1937RobertCecilMaleUnited Kingdom1864
1936Carlos SaavedraLamasMaleArgentina1878
1935Carlvon OssietzkyMaleGermany1889
1934ArthurHendersonMaleUnited Kingdom1863
1933Sir NormanAngellMaleUnited Kingdom1872
1931JaneAddamsFemaleUnited States1860
1931Nicholas MurrayButlerMaleUnited States1862Columbia University
1929Frank B.KelloggMaleUnited States1856
1925Sir AustenChamberlainMaleUnited Kingdom1863
1925Charles G.DawesMaleUnited States1865
1919WoodrowWilsonMaleUnited States1856
1917International Committee of the Red CrossInstitutionSwitzerland1863
1913HenriLa FontaineMaleBelgium1854
1912ElihuRootMaleUnited States1845
1910Permanent International Peace BureauInstitutionSwitzerland1891
1909Paul Henrid'Estournelles de ConstantMaleFrance1852
1908Klas PontusArnoldsonMaleSweden1844
1907Ernesto TeodoroMonetaMaleItaly1833
1907LouisRenaultMaleFrance1843Sorbonne University
1906TheodoreRooseveltMaleUnited States1858
1905Berthavon SuttnerFemaleAustria1843
1904Institute of International LawInstitutionBelgium1873
1903RandalCremerMaleUnited Kingdom1828


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