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The 2016 billionaire roster by country

Year after year the world displays further instances of the same degrading show of lavish riches rubbing shoulders with extreme poverty. In 2016, we can find a number of low GDP (gross domestic product) per capita countries such as Vietnam, Tanzania, Swaziland, Algeria, or Colombia boasting their own billionaires. That may be offensive enough, but what comes across as downright outrageous is the coexistence in some countries of individual billionaires and a swarm of people trudging in utmost poverty.

Consider the sample of countries in the table below. They all maintain a collection of billionaires...

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areppim scatter chart of billionaires per million inhabitants (y-axis, logarithmic scale) as a function of the country's GDP per capita (x-axis). The lower left area is crowded by countries with low GDP per capita that generally have not so many billionaires, e.g. Vietnam, Tanzania or Nepal. The central area of the chart is filled with rich countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, that have a sizable list of billionaires. At the top right one finds the exceptional cases of extremely small countries like Monaco or Liechtenstein that specialized as tax shelters for super-rich people.


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 US Debt Clock 


Or about:

  • € 17,105 billion.
  • 105 % of GDP
    (US GDP was $ 18,221.1 billion, as of end of Quarter I 2016).
  • $ 58,592 per US citizen.

US Gross Federal Debt. Calibrated from data from US Department of Treasury.

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