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Corruption: in dubious battle

Probity, as measured by the TI's (Transparency International) CPI (Corruption Perception Index), continues to go down, in 2016 as in the years since CPI was first published. Year-on-year changes average -1.85 % (median CPI values), -0.28 % (maximum CPI, least corrupt nations), and -3.11 % (minimum CPI, most corrupt countries). The downward trends are fully exposed by the regression slope coefficients, all showing negative values. Corruption is spreading and thriving, while probity is in retrenchment even among the sanctimoniously righteous societies (table below).

After so many years of tracking, exposing, and wrestling with...

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areppim line chart and statistics of CPI (corruption perceptions index) maximum, median and minimum parameters since 1995.


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  • € 18,812 billion.
  • 107 % of GDP
    (US GDP was $ 18,566.9 billion, as of end of Quarter 4, 2016).
  • $ 60,823 per US citizen.

US Gross Federal Debt. Calibrated from data from US Department of Treasury.

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