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US Gross Federal Debt. Calibrated from data from US Department of Treasury.

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US federal debt has been on the fast track since 2009, overtook GDP in 2012, and registered a slowdown since the beginning of 2017. Presidents G.W. Bush and Obama's huge budget deficits have compounded the problem, adding to the burden. Yet, at about 107% of GDP, the US federal debt is at a level that many other countries, including Portugal, are quite familiar with. To further enrage other lesser players, the U.S. may resort to the handy expedient of paying debt by throwing freshly-printed stacks of greenbacks at the rest of the world, often avid, sometimes resigned to collect dollar bills. The print shop sleight of hand can hardly be seen as a sensible solution to the debt issue: it comes heavy on the taxpayer, and it is a hindrance to sound, future-building investment. However, short of being an ever-lasting solution, it is likely to still enjoy plenty of easy-going days.



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