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Poisson Probability Calculator

You want to calculate the probability (Poisson Probability) of a given number of occurrences of an event (e.g. customers entering the shop, defectives in a box of parts or in a fabric roll, cars arriving at a tollgate, calls arriving at the switchboard) over a continuum (e.g. a specific time interval, length, volume, area or number of similar items). Just enter the requested parameters and you'll have an immediate answer.


 Mean (average rate of occurrence)  

 Variable (number of occurrences)    





  1. Enter the mean in the text field next to "Mean (average rate of occurrence)". The mean should be a natural number higher than 0.
  2. Enter the random variable in the text field next to "Variable (number of occurrences)". The variable is = 0, 1, 2 ...
  3. To correct an entry, click the Reset button.

Please walk through some Poisson Probability examples.