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Health Calculators    top

red arrow   Body Mass Index Calculator

Compute your BMI in both Metric and US units.

red arrow   Body Surface Area Calculator

Calculate the surface area (BSA) and the volume of your body.

red arrow   Calorie Needs Calculator

Compute your own EER (Estimated Energy Requirement) in both Metric and US units.

red arrow   Food Serving Calculator

Calculate your food servings size & manage your Food Pyramid intake guidelines.

red arrow   Infant Growth Calculator

Calculate your baby's expected weight during the first 12 months of life in Metric and US units.

red arrow   Waist-to-Hip Ratio Calculator

Compute your WHR (Waist-to-Hip Ratio) in both Metric and US units.




Mathematics & Financial Calculators    top

red arrow   Average Change Rate Calculator

Compute the average growth/decay rate over a period of time.

red arrow   Converter of US Current to Real Dollars with CPI

Real value of US dollars adjusted for inflation with the Consumer Price Index (for private comsumption).

red arrow   Converter of US Current to Real Dollars with GDP deflator

Real value of US dollars adjusted for inflation with the Gross Domestic Product deflator (for national account items).

red arrow   Exponential Growth/Decay Calculator

Compute the final size of an entity growing/decaying at a constant rate over a period of time.

red arrow   Doubling/Half-Life Time Calculator

Compute the time it takes for anything that changes at a constant rate to double/halve in size.

red arrow   Present Value Calculator

Find the present value of a future amount given a known growth rate.

red arrow   S-Curve Calculator :

1 parameter estimate   |   3 parameter estimates.

Calculate how fast does a stock deplete over time – check how something grows up to a limit.




Probability Calculators    top

red arrow   Birthday & Zodiac Probabilities

You might be surprised to learn that someone else in this room shares your birthday...!

red arrow   Diagnostic Tests

In many instances, if you test positive on a test, you may as well toss a coin to know whether the test tells the truth, or if you are just a "false positive"...!

red arrow   Mixed-up Orders

What are the chances that you get what you ordered, after the order administrator made a mess of the orders?

red arrow   Poisson Probabiliy Calculator

What is the probability of getting exactly – or at least – n occurrences of an event over a given period of time ?




Unit Conversion Calculators    top

red arrow   Fahrenheit into Celsius/Centigrade Converter

Convert Fahrenheit into Celsius/Centigrade temperature degrees and vice-versa.

red arrow   Household Measures Converter

Convert standard household measures such as cups, tablespoons or teaspoons into their Metric or US equivalents.

red arrow   Metric/US Unit Converter

Convert length, area, volume, mass and temperature units between Metric and US systems.

red arrow   Time Unit Converter

Convert time (number values or DD:HH:MM:SS expressions) into different time units, e.g. leap years, years, 31-day months, 28-day months, minutes, seconds, etc.




Debt clocks    top

red arrow   Portugal Debt

Gross Government Debt,  (Maastricht Debt).

Gross External Debt.

red arrow   US Debt

US Gross Federal Debt Outstanding.

US Gross External Debt.




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