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Current to Real Dollars Converter (using CPI)

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Converter of current to real US dollars

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The real value of US dollars after deflating with the Consumer Price Index (CPI), 1913-2016

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This CPI-based deflator is used to calculate real dollar values when dealing with private consumption. If your interest extends to private investment, exports, imports or government consumption, expenditure and investment, please use areppim's GDP deflator-based calculator.


  1. Enter the nominal US$ amount of which you wish to determine the real value in the text field next to "Convert US dollar amount" (without thousands separator, and with a dot separator for decimals if applicable).
  2. Choose from the drop-down boxes the "current year" (the year of the US$ amount), and the "target year" (the year for which you want to find the real value of the US$ amount adjusted for inflation).
  3. To correct an entry, click the Reset button.


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