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Nature and environment charts

Enough uranium supply, but far too much lethal trash

The chart shows (red line) the number of years that currently known exploitable uranium reserves can meet the uranium mining industry requirements. The blue line shows the kilo tonnes of uranium mined from 2003 to 2010. The dotted lines indicate the linear trends. Although the pace is fast for both the increase of mining (6.05% average annual growth rate), and for the depletion of uranium reserves (5.70% average annual decrease), the world still can count on about a century of assured uranium supply under the current commercial conditions and at the present consumption rate.

The core process of nuclear power generation consists of a controlled fission of ...

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Line chart and tables of data on uranium requirements and uranium reserves. In 2010, the nuclear power industry requires 68971 tonnes of uranium, and the world measured and exploitable uranium  reserves amount to 5404000 tonnes. About 22% of uranium requirements are met from secondary sources, and 78% from mining. Mining of uranium increased from 35.6 kilo tonnes in 2003 to 53.7 in 2010, at an annual average rate of 6.05%. The currently known reserves would meet 152 years of mining at 2003 level, and 100.7 years at the 2010 level, with a depletion annual average rate of -5.7%.


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