In 2002, the average water use per person was 617 cubic meters worldwide, going from a low 256 cubic meters in Africa, to 593 for Europe and 623 for Asia Pacific, values around the world average, to 941 for West Asia, and a lavish 1630 cubic meters per person of North America; in percent terms, a North American consumes as much water as 2.7 Europeans, or 6.4 Africans.

Freshwater consumption per person of each world region compared with the world average of 617m3/person (see Freshwater deficit).


World freshwater consumption per capita


Cubic Meters per Person

% of Global total

Year 1998-2002
Global total 617 100%
North America 1,630 264%
West Asia 941 153%
Asia & Pacific 623 101%
Europe 593 96%
Latin America & Caribbean 501 81%
Africa 256 41%



Sources: see Sources of data


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