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Insight : Euro 2008 winning potential

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Euro 2008: winning potential

ratio of goals scored to goals conceded by the teams in the euro cup 2008 tournament, Sweden with an index of 117, Greece Croatia Russia Portugal Spain Turkey below 264, Netherlands Czech Poland Italy France Romania above 359 below 550, and Germany 600Winning is not a matter of being better or scoring many goals. It is simply a question of having a goal differential marginally superior to that of the opponent teams. To win a game, it is necessary and sufficient to score one goal more than the competing team.

The winning potential of the Euro 2008 teams may be assessed by measuring their offensive and their defensive capability, in terms of the relationship between goals scored and goals conceded.

Euro 2008 qualifying football statistics show two distinct sets of football teams (see chart):

Forecasting is very difficult, especially forecasting the future, someone said. However, the odds are that Germany is likely to outperform Sweden in the Euro 2008 tournament. What is your guess?