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Insight : age of Euro 2008 football players

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Euro 2008: Does age matter?

average age of the field players of each team in the euro 2008 tournamentShould youth be the key success factor in the Euro 2008 football (soccer) tournament, then Spain would be well positioned to achieve a great performance.

After removing goalkeepers from all series, on the grounds that they are not expected to run around the field for 90 minutes and are typically older than other players, the average age of Spain football team at 26 years and 1 month is the lowest of all (see chart). Indeed, it is 1 year and two months lower than the overall average (27 years and a quarter), and a full 3 years and a half lower than Italy's team (29 years and seven months). The question is what counts most when the euro 2008 final comes, vitality or experience?

Other interesting facts about the age of team players: