Chart and statistics of 2011 formula 1 drivers standings, based on the cumulative points won in each Grand Prix. The top 5 drivers are Vettel with 392 points, followed by Button with 270, Webber with 258, Alonso with 257,  and Hamilton with 227. The gaps are wide — from 122 to 165 points for the top 5 ranked drivers.

With a final lead of 122 points on his immediate follower, Vettel flew above the crowd all along the 2011 season, closing it with a most deserved champion's title. The last Grand Prix. In Petropolis, Brazil, was won by his team mate Webber, Vettel finishing 2nd. Maybe a gesture for a co-worker that, despite being the fastest in the circuit, had not succeed in winning a single Grand Prix this season.

While Vettel's leadership is unquestionable and quite conspicuous, the same does not apply to his followers. The gaps among the next 4 top ranked drivers do not exceed 43 points. In the case of Alonso, after having been ousted from the second position by Button, he lost the 3rd rank to Webber by a mere 1 point.

Now then, for the sake of speculation, what on earth does Michael Schumacher, the historical F1 super champion, want to prove with his recent come back? With a mediocre 8th rank, at 316 points from the number 1, after a 9th rank with a 184-point gap in 2010, he is tarnishing his glorious record. Once again, a matter of greed?


Formula 1
2011 Drivers Championship

Final Standings as at 27 November 2011 after Grand Prix of Brazil






1SebastianVettelGermanyRBR-Renault 392
2JensonButtonUnited KingdomMcLaren-Mercedes 270
3MarkWebberAustraliaRBR-Renault 258
4FernandoAlonsoSpainFerrari 257
5LewisHamiltonUnited KingdomMcLaren-Mercedes 227
6FelipeMassaBrazilFerrari 118
7NicoRosbergGermanyMercedes 89
8MichaelSchumacherGermanyMercedes 76
9AdrianSutilGermanyForce India-Mercedes 42
10VitalyPetrovRussiaRenault 37
11NickHeidfeldGermanyRenault 34
12KamuiKobayashiJapanSauber-Ferrari 30
13Pauldi RestaUnited KingdomForce India-Mercedes 27
14JaimeAlguersuariSpainSTR-Ferrari 26
15SebastienBuemiSwitzerlandSTR-Ferrari 15
16SergioPerezMexicoSauber-Ferrari 14
17RubensBarrichelloBrazilWilliams-Cosworth 4
18BrunoSennaBrazilRenault 2
19PastorMaldonadoVenezuelaWilliams-Cosworth 1
20Pedrode la RosaSpainSauber-Ferrari 0
21JarnoTrulliItalyLotus-Renault 0
22HeikkiKovalainenFinlandLotus-Renault 0
23VitantonioLiuzziItalyHRT-Cosworth 0
24Jeromed'AmbrosioBelgiumVirgin-Cosworth 0
25TimoGlockGermanyVirgin-Cosworth 0
26NarainKarthikeyanIndiaHRT-Cosworth 0
27DanielRicciardoAustraliaHRT-Cosworth 0
28KarunChandhokIndiaLotus-Renault 0


Sources: see Formula 1


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