The total number of coalition military fatalities since the beginning of the Afghan war is 12 in 2001, 69 in 2002, 57 in 2003, 60 in 2004, 131 in 2005, 191 in 2006, 232 in 2007, 295 in 2008, and 519 in 2009, amounting to a total of 1,566.

1,566 western military personnel have been killed in Afghanistan since 2001 through 31 December 2009. The average annual growth has been a staggering 60% (regression curve in red), a rate meaning that the number of fatalities doubles every 1.5 years. Compared with past wars, the total number of western deaths in Afghanistan may seem negligible. However, these values make a strong statement about the Afghan situation.

In spite of the hundreds of billions of dollars worth of personnel, technology, weaponry and bribery money thrown into Afghanistan during 8 long years, the tangible results are null, except for suppliers, career-pushing military personnel, corrupt warlords, and mercenaries. The economic crisis-stricken community cannot support this appalling waste of resources any longer.

Western sensitivity to human losses, at least their own, reached a very low threshold after the World Wars I and II bloodsheds. Profound discomfort grows with the daily news of deaths and injured in Central Asia. Western leaders' war pitch meets growing scepticism, and public opinion in the US and in Europe starts to say aloud that the withdrawal from Central Asia should take place without further delay (see Afghanistan war casualties).


Afghanistan War
Coalition Military Fatalities
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