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ITA - International Tourist Arrivals
The number of ITAs is the most common unit of measure used to quantify the volume of international tourism.
  • ITAs refer exclusively to:
    • Tourists (overnight visitors) i.e. a visitor who stays at least one night in a collective or private accommodation in the country visited. Same-day visitors are not included.
    • The number of arrivals - not to the number of persons. The same person who makes several trips to a given country during a given period will be counted as a new arrival each time, as well as a person who travels through several countries on one trip is counted as a new arrival each time.
  • Relate to the concept of international tourist arrivals at frontiers, although it may include other data in the case of those countries that do not collect data according to that concept.
The companion concept used to quantify the value of international tourism is ITR - International Tourism Receipts

Source: UNWTO World Tourism Organization