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Water Use and Water Production
Water use:

[ total water use = agricultural water use + domestic water use + industrial water use ]

  • Water usage does not include in situ non consumptive uses of water like in mining, fisheries, energy, navigation and the environment.
  • 'Water use' and 'water withdrawal' are used as synonyms, although, if non-conventional waters are used, withdrawal will be lower than water use.
  • Water demands are met by water production.
Water production:
  • renewable: withdrawals from surface water (rivers, lakes, reservoirs) and from groundwater (aquifers recharged by precipitation);
  • non-renewable: withdrawals from deep aquifers that have a negligible rate of recharge on the human time-scale, or withdrawals of "fossil" water (ancient and deep non-rechargeable aquifers);
  • non-conventional: desalination, waste water treatment.