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Pesticides are substances used to prevent, destroy or control pests, including vectors of human or animal disease, and unwanted species of plants or animals. Inorganic pesticides are compounds like sulphates, arsenates, chlorides of lead, copper, etc.
Pesticides are hazardous products that may interfere with the production, processing, storage, transport or marketing of food, agricultural commodities, wood or animal feedstuffs.
Major groups of pesticides:
  • insecticides - chlorinated hydrocarbons, organo-phosphates, carbamates-insecticides, pyrethroids, botanical and biological products.
  • herbicides - phenoxy hormone products, triazines, amides, carbamates-herbicides, dinitroanilines, urea derivatives, sulfonyl ureas, bipiridils, uracil.
  • fungicides, bactericides and seed treatments - inorganics, dithiocarbamates, benzimidazoles, triazoles, diazoles, diazines, morpholines.
  • rodenticides - anti-coagulants.

Source: FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization