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Motor Vehicle
Motor vehicles comprise the following subclasses:
  • road tractors for semi-trailers;
  • public-transport type passenger motor vehicles;
  • motor cars and other motor vehicles principally designed for the transport of persons (except public-transport type vehicles, vehicles specially designed for travelling on snow, and golf cars and similar vehicles);
  • motor vehicles non elsewhere classified for the transport of goods;
  • crane lorries;
  • motor vehicles, for the transport of persons, specially designed for travelling on snow; golf cars and similar vehicles;
  • special purpose motor vehicles non elsewhere classified.
Data on motor vehicles used by areppim relate to:
  • Motor cars and buses,
  • passenger motor vehicles for unusual terrain such as snow mobiles and golf carts,
  • motor vehicles for transport of goods,
  • special purpose trucks such as fire engines and mobile clinics.

Source: CPC - Central Product Classification, Class 4911, 1998, UN