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Nobel Prize Winners: the 2017 standings

Swiss people must be doing something right to rise to the very top of the Nobel ranking in terms of number of Nobel prizes for "hard science" — chemistry, physics and physiology or medicine — per capita. Swiss nationals collected 18 awards, thus positioning the nation in the sixth rank in absolute terms. With an index of ...

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areppim X-Y scatter chart and statistics of the number of science Nobel prize winners (chemistry, physics and physiology or medicine) per capita, 1901 to 2017, the per capita index calculated as the number of prizes divided by the population in millions and multiplied by 100.


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 US Debt Clock 


Or about:

  • € 17,387 billion.
  • 105 % of GDP
    (US GDP was $ 19,509 billion, as of end of Quarter 3, 2017).
  • $ 62,196 per US citizen.

US Gross Federal Debt. Calibrated from data from US Department of Treasury.

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