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Rampant Corruption

The world we currently live in, stricken with metastatic corruption, is an ailing body going from bad to worse, in spite of the noisily heralded intense care and aggressive recovery medicines expected to bring it back to a state of healthy probity.

The illness became pandemic, striking the more corrupt...

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areppim line chart and statistics of CPI (corruption perceptions index) median, highest and lowest scores from 1995 to 2015. The world we currently live in is stricken with metastatic corruption.  Year-on-year, the negative trend pursues its downward path and plunges into further depths. The regression coefficients worsened from -0.08 (median),-0.04 (maximum), and -0.03 (minimum) in 2014, to respectively -0.74, -0.4, and -0.3 in 2015, exposing the overall lowering of the indexes from higher (less corruption) to lower (more corruption) values.


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 US Debt Clock 


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  • € 18,779 billion.
  • 107 % of GDP
    (US GDP was $ 18,675.3 billion, as of end of Quarter 3, 2016).
  • $ 60,886 per US citizen.

US Gross Federal Debt. Calibrated from data from US Department of Treasury.

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